EDI and Electronic Business Transactions

Business System to 3rd Party Applications Integration

Infor M3 Data Maintenenance Tools and Support

Business Process Workflow Optimization and Automation

Infor Cloudsuite Interface Migration Support

Infor Salesforce.com CRM integrations

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 EDI and Electronic Business  Transactions

 Business System to 3rd Party  Applications Integration

 Infor M3 Data Maintenenance Tools  and Support

 Business Process Workflow  Optimization and Automation

 Infor Cloudsuite Migrations Support

 Infor Salesforce.com CRM integrations

We can help..

..if you need to implement EDI or your EDI system needs to be updated or modernized

Because onboarding is too time and cost intensive, your trading partners are technically advanced, you have upgraded your ERP, transaction tracking is cumbersome, customer satisfaction, cash flow and service level targets need to be adjusted to remain competitive. With extensive EDI experience, we enable our customers achieve complete real time transparency of their EDI transactions via monitoring, alerting and escalating features, quick & easy onboarding and user friendliness.

..if your internal Workflows lacks automated alerts, reminders & escalation procedures

Because nothing is worse than having customers and suppliers waiting. Be it at Procurement, Delivery, AR or AP or in between, hold-ups due to internal process workflow gaps are the most prominent cause for customer / supplier dissatisfaction and loss of business. IW consultants are highly specialized in Workflow Management, supporting seamless communication between relevant departments and other stakeholders. Be it Purchase Approvals, Order Confirmations, B2B and A2A communication our team will suggest and deliver best practice.

..if Integration & Collaboration between your ERP and 3rd Party business support systems is a challenge

Because you're faced with limited resources, cost constraints, keeping pace with internal SOPs, dealing with diverse vendor standards or meeting customer requirements IW offer a single source of truth. We at IW as an Infor Alliance Partner help our customers achieve real time collaboration between their ERP system(s) and supporting systems group wide.

..if you spend too much time resolving EDI and integrations related issues

Because we all know that EDI and interagtion are not always running 100% smoothly and any issues are often complex and time consuming to resolve. IW can offer Managed Service solutions to suit your specific requirements. Let us take care of your EDI and integrations, while you focus on your core business.

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