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Providing data visibility and interoperability across the Enterprise and beyond

Integrating systems and applications within your company as well as across your partner network is becoming increasingly important in todays competitive business environment. Not only will it lead to more efficient work flows, but will also improve data accuracy and ultimately higher levels of Customer service.
We have worked with integrations in many different industry verticals over a long time. Understand your business and individual requirements plays a crucial part in recommending the best solution to your particular needs and requirements.
At Integration Wizards we believe you should do what you do best and focus on day-to-day critical business operations . Let us handle the complexities of your EDI and data integrations.

Integration Wizards offers a pre-configured solution for 3rd Party Warehouse integration with a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) provider. Although these transactions can be used out-of-the-box, there may be special requirements that needs adjustments and/or additions to the standard transaction set. A third party warehouse integration also requires M3 Business Engine to be properly configured to handle the process and communicate with M3 Enterprise Collaborator. Read more
Integration Wizards offers a pre-configured package for integration via M3 Enterprise Collaborator. This integration is based on web services and the following transactions are included in this package. Although this package could be used out-of-the-box, there may always be certain adjustments and additional transactions required. Read more
We can help your company to automate many of the redundant or predictable tasks in your company, by utilizing events produced in Infor M3 and trigger actions, either directly in M3 or execute complex tasks or complete workflows in MEC.
Only your imagination sets the limit.
Integration Wizards have teamed up with Retriever Communications to deliver state of the art Infor M3 mobile applications. Retriever communications has been in operation since 1996 and have developed hundreds of mobile applications spread across 25 countries. They use a unique development framework to produce stable industrial strength applications in a range of industries. Retriever provides both custom and standard configurable best-of-breed applications, based on hundreds of previous implementations. Read more
Integration Wizards can create role-based User Interfaces (UI) in your company to improve the work flows for specific tasks and processes.
A "Mash-up" can be a combination of multiple M3 applications, but it can also be a complete custom built UI, which can run either within SmartOffice or on the Web.

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